A Few of Our Favorite Things

Have you ever wondered what products are your trainers' favorites?  
We have a lot of them! Good news, our top picks are available at the Lonestar Supplement Shop. 

Supplements are great for aiding our bodies to become the healthiest version of ourselves. If you're a Lonestar Fitness client, you know that NOTHING rectifies a poor diet, but supplements certainly can help give an extra boost to a well rounded diet and an amazing Lonestar Fitness training plan. 

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UMP Protein Powder

Lonestar Trainers are obsessed with this protein and so are our clients. As we've said before, getting the nessasary amount of protein needed to help build muscle is really difficult to do just with food. This protein helps build lean muscle.. meaning it's low sugar and calories, so you won't have to worry about unnessasary weight gain. Plus it tastes like a creamy chocolate milkshake! 

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Glutamine Select

Glutamine is a holy grail for your trainers. Not only does it taste like a yummy cherry juice when you mix it with water, but it also helps in recovery! Meaning no matter how hard we workout or heavy we lift, we are never too sore to workout again tomorrow! 

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Beauty Sleep

This is a must have according to trainers Rick and Jess. This is so much more than your average melatonin. It helps calm your mind before bed and keep you in REM sleep during the night. Not to mention it doesen't cause nightmares or morning groggyness like other sleep aids. It's all natural so there is no need to worry about getting addicted. Although, we are obsessed. 



Are you getting sick of hearing about how nessasary a multi-vitiman is yet? Eh, one day it will sink in. We love this multi because it doesnt give you any of those gross burps, and it's just one quick pill a day and it's over. This ones great for people who don't like taking tons of pills. 


Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies

This is basically candy, we have to stop Trainer Brooke from eating too many because it's so tasty! It almost seems to good to be true. Take this yummy candy once a day and you're going to have silky hair, longer nails and clearer skin... I mean what else can we even say. It's like magic. 


HUM Flatter Me

We all struggle with bloating sometimes. Two of these pills a day with meals will elevate that puffy, bloated feeling you get. It also helps going to the bathroom for those who are a little less regular. TMI? We swear you're going to feel like a different person without that bloat. 


Peppermint Essential oils

We can't be the only ones in Houtson who have crazy allergies. You may have noticed when you came into the gym that we constantly have essential oils going. Most of the time it's peppermint. This super essential oil helps clear sinuses and aids the respiritory system so that you breathe better. Not to mention it smells amazing! We love this scent with lemon! 


Have questions about these or any other supplements? Not sure what you should be taking to help meet your goals? All of the Lonestar Fitness staff have been trained to help educate you on vitamins and supplements! Stop into Lonestar Fitness to learn more!