5 Signs You Need a Personal Trainer

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We, at Lonestar Fitness, may be a little biased, but  we  STRONGLY believe everyone needs a good personal trainer in their lives. Even trainers need a good trainer! 

Of course you want to make sure your trainers are awesome, like our Lonestar trainers. You want to make sure your trainer has your best interest in mind and know what they are doing, so that you aren't injured and you meet your goals safely.  

If you are on the edge about spending the money, look no further. Here are 5 reasons that making the investment is worth your precious time and money. 

  1. You're not meeting your goals
    The number one reason clients walk through our door is not because they aren't working out, but rather,  because they are working out,  but they feel like they have been working hard and are no closer to their goals. Lets be honest, those programs you get online from "trainers" who throw a generic workout together that works for their mass following.. those aren't the ones that are designed you help you specifically. They are great for starting an active lifestyle without a trainer, but after a certain point, you need a plan that's going to get you where you want to go. The great thing about working with a Lonestar Fitness personal trainer is that we customize our plans specifically to the person in front of us. That means you aren't doing the same workout as someone else. 

  2. You aren't motivated to go to the gym
    We all fall off the bandwagon, even the fittest person goes through phases where their workouts feel stale and no fun. The goal of a great personal trainer is to help you feel energetic and accomplished every time you step into the gym. That means switching up workouts, and keeping you on a program that makes you feel excited not only to get to the gym, but leaving the gym as well! Bonus points, if you get a really great trainer (like a Lonestar trainer) and you happen to start getting bored, they can usually tell it's time to try something new! If they haven't noticed you're lack of enthusiasm, mention it to them! They should be glad to change things up! 

  3. You keep getting injuries
    We really hope that this isn't your reality, but if it is, there's something going on. Lets face it, sometimes injuries are inevitable. The more active you are, the higher the  chance you have at getting injured. That being said, a good program, designed to your body and your abilities should not be setting you up to fail. An educated  trainer should look at all of your injuries, surgeries, and limitations and then help you meet your goals SAFELY. Lonestar Fitness trainers pride ourselves on being able to train around lots of different injuries or nagging problems that our clients have. We know if someone needs a little extra mobility, or a few less burpees... don't count on that though. 

  4. You have no idea what you exercises work for your body
    Believe it or not, a great fitness program goes way deeper than just throwing some exercises together for an hour and calling it a workout. All different types of things come into play when designing a well rounded program. Age, gender, past activities, goals, just to name a few, all play a part in the way that your program is designed. Exercise is not a one size fits all approach, and just because something works well for you now, doesn't mean it will in another year. I know that can feel overwhelming, but the good news is that educated trainers will shift your workouts to your changing goals and body without you having to think twice. 

  5. Your wasting your money somewhere else
    This is our biggest pet peeve!! As trainers who really truly want the best for our clients, nothing upsets us more than to hear about someone sending their paycheck to a gym every month with nothing to show for it. It doesn't matter if the fee is $10 a month or $1000 a month. If you aren't showing up at the gym, it's too expensive. The great thing about a personal trainer is that there is a little bit of guilt every time you have to cancel an appointment, so you'll be less likely to cancel.  Never underestimate the power of someone keeping you accountable!  When you have a good trainer keeping you accountable,  you kind of have your own little cheerleader keeping track of you. If you skip 3 workouts in a row, we might have some thoughts....