Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss Goals


Sleeping well is NOT something that you want to be overlooking in your fitness/health regime! In fact one thing that can completely derail your weight loss and goals is getting a poor nights rest. Sleeping well helps control cortisol levels, which as we know are the stress hormones, which in turn keeps us from making irrational eating decisions because we're stressed, cranky or to tired to make a healthy dinner. Not to mention, who is ready to kill a crazy workout on 3 hours of sleep. Um, no thank you. 

Not getting enough rest effects more than just weight loss though. Years of poor sleeping habits can lead to premature aging, certain types of cancers and even neurological issues such as altimeters. 

So how do we reverse the damage we've already done? Well just like anything else in our health battle plan, we start now and move forward with this knowledge. Here are some of our favorite ways at Lonestar Fitness to insure that we are getting a GREAT nights rest. 

  • Remove your phone from the bedroom
    Keeping your phone, computer, TV or really any other electronic devices in your bedroom has been statistically proven to trigger a stress hormone WHILE YOU SLEEP. Your screens have such a hold on your life that they are stressing you our even in your sleep. The idea is to get into a great REM cycle so your brain has time to shut down, detox and recover. If your phone is sitting on your bedside table blowing up, even if the sound is off and your eyes are closed, your body has a harder time getting into the deep sleep you've been craving for years. 
  • Use essential oils to settle down
    Anyone who's even stepped foot into Lonestar Fitness knows that we pretty much live and die by essential oils. They are good for more than curing allergies and making a smelly gym a little less smelly though. They are great for triggering your brain into settling down and relaxing in sleep. Some essential oils even have been said to improve your cranky mood in the morning. So grab your essential oils at a great price here, throw them in your diffuser and sleep well. Some oils we recommend for sleep are jasmine, lavender and vanilla
  • Sleep Supplements
    We use supplements for everything else, why shouldn't we use them to support something as basic as getting a good nights rest. I know what you're thinking.. another push for melatonin. NO! When I take a basic melatonin I have bad dreams and wake up feeling groggy and cranky. The supplement I recommend to everyone in my life is Beauty Sleep by Glamour Beauty! We sell it here in the gym and it works miracles. The dandelion root, chamomile and passion flower allows a completely relaxing sleep without any nightmares or fogginess. This is a MUST have in my supplement routine. 
image1 (16).jpeg
  • Get in a good workout
    It sounds like I'm tooting my own horn, but really a great workout with weights and cardio can help you sleep better at night and get into REM and STAY in REM cycle. The idea is not to sleep more, it's to sleep better. The best way to make sure you're doing that is by making sure you're getting into REM. So get a good sweat session in at Lonestar Fitness and sleep well tonight.