How to Get More Vegtables into your diet

4 Ways to Eat Veggies.jpg

The battle started when you were 5 years old and your parents wouldn't let you get up from the table until you ate your broccoli. The fight continues into adulthood, especially now that we have no one telling us not to  eat potato chips (not a veg) instead of carrot sticks. Worry not! We're here to help. We have a few ways to get your veggies in without feeling like you want to throw a tantrum! 

  1. Smoothies & Juices:
    This is my personal favorite way to eat veggies. Lots of little places have been popping up all over town that serve organic and fresh pressed juices and smoothies. This trend makes it easy to choose a yummy smoothie verses a fast food joint on your way home from work. Even better option? Make them yourself. Invest in a good blender or juicing machine and have a ball creating or finding your new favorite breakfast smoothie recipe. Bonus points, it's green but it doesn't taste green. 
  2. Soups:
    This is a hugely overlooked way to cook in your veggies, creating a great sweet potato soup is great for your digestive system, it's warming on a cold day and you can season it to make it taste any way you want. Soups can be amazingly filling and you don't even realize you're getting your daily dose of veg. 
  3. Supplements:
    It's not cheating! At Lonestar we LOVE our HUM Raw Beauty super food! There are tons of supplements that you can get that give you up to 3 servings of veg in one single scoop. You can get tons of flavors. At the gym we love mint and Tahitian Vanilla and Berry. Stop by to pick up a bottle of your own to shake into your morning smoothie. 
  4. Dips:
    Enter with caution! If we're going to eat our veg as a snack, we tend to use our favorite dips and sauces.  This is fine, as long as we don't go overboard! There can be a lot of sugar and calories in dips!  Hummus is my personal favorite, but try your favorite chip dip with some carrot sticks or celery.  Beware though, those extra calories can really add up if you are  mindlessly eating them like chips, if you eat while watching TV.